September 22, 2014

Assignment // 13EVEN

Even I can be happy about a Monday when it involves sharing images like these!

I've been a longggggggg time fan of 13EVEN and in the back of my mind have always wanted to photograph their plates. When I decided to start putting "myself out there" as they say, 13EVEN was one of the first places I contacted. It's a crazy feeling to start checking items off your goal list.

There's not a single bite of food I've had there that I didn't love, but the baked goat cheese is far and away my favorite dish. Do yourself a favor... visit 13EVEN, have some wine, and eat the goat cheese (and several other items that are equally as amazing). You'll thank me later.
PS - they also have monthly wine tastings with unique, off-menu food items. Last month's looked both super delicious (porkbelly smores) and like a lot of fun. Info on October's can be found here

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