August 6, 2014

Food Photography // Visit to Subculture Coffee

I very rarely find myself 1. in West Palm and 2. with time to kill. Lucky for me the stars aligned and I was 2.5 seconds away from Subculture Coffee with an hour+ until my next gig in Parkland.

Being among the elite Subculture umbrella, I knew that SCC would exceed all my caffeine fueled expectations. The staff was so very kind (even when I busted out my camera and started snapping away) and offered suggestions based on my tastes. They took their time with my order, as they did with every order that followed, to make sure it was up to par. 

In a perfect world I'd have the ability to somehow uproot this coffee house and transplant it in my backyard. Until I develop such a skill I'm left dreaming of the strawberry jam pour over that made my Tuesday so memorable.

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