July 11, 2014

Broward Partnership for the Homeless at The Riverside Market

If you follow Ashley Turner (center, above) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or via her blog... you know her as DowntownFTL. You then are also familiar with the phenomenal #30Daysto30 project that she's under taken. In honor of her 30th birthday, she is spending the next 25 days (we're already on Day #5) highlighting local organizations in the community that need your help. Yup... she's pretty awesome.

Day 1 highlighted an organization that's very quickly becoming close to my heart, Broward Partnership for the Homeless. While showcasing a variety of ways locals can help volunteer, donate and get involved she also made sure to highlight their 2nd Annual BYOB (Bring Your Own [New] Briefs) Happy Hour at The Riverside Market and Cafe. With 2 fresh pack of undies in my purse and camera at the ready I made my very first pilgrimage to Riverside Market for my beer ticket, great conversation and a chance to help out those less fortunate than ourselves. With 90 attendees and 420 pairs of undies collected, I'd say that's a happy hour well spent. Below are just a few snaps I took while enjoying the event.

Follow Ashley online, spread the word about the great organizations she's highlighting and get involved!

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