June 7, 2014

National Doughnut Day: Krispy Kreme and Rhino Doughnuts

If you spent more than 2 seconds on Instagram yesterday, you were well aware that it was National Doughnut Day (the 1st Friday in June). Obviously this meant that both lunch and dinner would revolve around the day's most celebrated sweet treat.

Lunch stop... Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Being that there are so few left, I feel lucky to have one just 3 minutes from work. The bright red "Hot Doughnuts Now" light was flashing, the drive-thru line wrapped around the building and each of the 2-seater tables inside was occupied.

3 glazed (one for myself and each of my co-workers) with an extra Boston Creme for boss man and my holiday cheer was in full swing. My glazed was warm, gooey and just as amazing as I remember it from high school. Yup, I was one of those lucky few that had Krispy Kreme fundraisers at her high school. Haven't gotten a full report on what the rest of the team thought but I think it's safe to say that they enjoyed them.
Dinner stop... Rhino Doughnuts. Although this location is currently operating under the "soft opening" veil, the Lauderdale by the Sea location seemed to be in full swing to me. By 5:30 they had sold out of 1/3 of their inventory and had a steady stream of traffic.

Decisions... decisions... oh how I hate you. That said, because I was delivering doughnuts to both Alberto and Lauren it made it easier to narrow it down to a meager 6 selections. A crueler and a rainbow sprinkled for Lauren, a Nuetella & banana and a maple bacon for Alberto, and a guava & cheese and a key lime for myself. We played nice and everyone tried a little bit of everything... and every bit was delicious!

The verdicts are as follows: Lauren LOVED her rainbow sprinkled (which by the way had more sprinkles than any other sprinkled doughnut in existence) and both Alberto and I pinned the Nutella & banana as our champ for the day. I'm looking forward to visiting again and trying the Strawberry Coconut which was sold out. 

How and where did you celebrate National Doughnut Day?

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