June 4, 2014

Assignment: Funky Buddha Brewery 1 Year Anniversary Party

I don't pretend to be a beer aficionado as I've just started to dip my toe into the wonderful world of craft beers... but supporting the growth of a local business is something I can always get behind. Like many South Floridians, I made the pilgrimage on Saturday to celebrate Funky Buddha Brewery's 1 Year Anniversary Party. Although I was only there for 2 hours... what a jam packed 2 hours it was. Both the patrons and the sunblock were out in full force at this all day, outdoor festival. 

Basically it was a lot of fun! Yes it was hot... yes there were lines (fast moving ones I might add) but from what I could tell, an amazing time was had by all. Everyone over 21 had a smile on their face and a cup in their hand (even a few kiddies were rocking a Fanta filled plastic cup). The music was perfectly paired, the screen print tent was a huge hit, and if you got too warm you could always seek refuge in the air conditioned tap room.

I walked away with an awesome tshirt, a camera filled with happy celebrants and a solidified love for sour beers. I only wish I could have popped back over later that evening for the PM crowd. Same time next week?

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