June 12, 2014

Cocktail Mix-Off

As I previously mentioned here, Lauren, Hilliary and myself hosted a Cocktail Mix-Off revolving around the use of Mr. Q Cucumber Soda. Regardless of your alcohol, mixers or garnishes, Mr. Q had to be a present component in the cocktail.

Lauren ended up deciding to play judge so that left Hilliary and myself to defend our libation based honor. I had such a difficult time narrowing down what cocktail to submit that I ended up submitting 3! Below please find recipes for each of my 3 cocktails. They don't currently have names so feel free to make suggestions!

Visit Laurendy Home to find out who the ultimate winner of the Cocktail Mix-Off.

Cocktail #1
     (2) parts watermelon juice
     (2) parts Mr Q's Cucumber Soda
     (1) part vodka (I used Titos Handmade Vodka for this cocktail)
     Garnish with watermelon

Cocktail #2 (although more of a shot... truth be told)
      (1) part tequila (I used Hornitos Tequila for this cocktail)
      (1) part Mr. Q Cucumber Soda
      (1/2) part cucumber juice
      Squirt of lime
      Pinch of cilantro
      Salt on the rim
      Garnish with more lime
      (I suggest muddling the cilantro and lime together prior to adding your drink)

Cocktail #3
      (1) part grapefruit flavored vodka I used Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka for this cocktail)
      (2) parts Mr. Q Cucumber Soda
      (1/2) part fresh cucumber juice

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