May 23, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Thousand Pound Egg

Last Saturday between a bridal shower in Victoria Park and an all night corporate event at the Boca Resort, I popped into Eat the Tea for a drink. That's when I realized that Thousand Pound Egg was open. I'd seen their wares once before at Revel on the Block but whenever I'd try to visit their storefront, they were either closed or I was pressed for time. We were ships passing in the night!

That is until Saturday when I had a little time to spare and bolted inside. I met the shop owner Karen as I oohed and awed at each of her perfectly placed items. She had jams and chocolates and mustards and cucumber soda and cook books and dishes and glassware and place mats and everything. It was such a unique collection of all kinds of things and each item worked perfectly with the next. Every inch was styled and I wanted to photograph it all. Unfortunately I didn't have THAT much time to spare and so I made plans to return yesterday.

Not only did I snap away at everything my eyes could see but I also purchased a beautiful vintage enamel baking dish and sampled some cacao and a chocolate-peanut butter cupcake. If you're in the area, make sure to swing by. Thousand Pound Egg is hold an all-day jam tasting on Saturday for Rochelois Jams and a lecture next Friday night by Jorge Hernandez of Bonao Cacao. I will be attending both and will then probably flood you again with more photos of her beautiful shop.
(couldn't help myself and had to have this vintage enamel baking dish. I see potato sides in my future)
(cupcake via the always yummy and jam packed O-B House)
This is Karen, owner of Thousand Pound Egg. She is a very kind woman and also extremely hospitable to her customers. If there's an item in the shop that you're interested in, Karen will tear one open so you can sample before you buy. She's also been known to share her cupcakes with hungry photographers. 

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