May 6, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Succulents

Well it finally happened... I fell under the spell of the succulents. 

After a thoughtful discussion on nature, I immediately changed my driving course and Berto and I headed for Lowes. I've been fairly successful so far in keeping a small herb garden alive and thought the addition of flowers was the next obvious step. Truth be told, I wanted to add a bit of color to our patio. 

I walked inside proclaiming "this'll only take 2 minutes... tops!" and immediately bee-lined to the towering display of succulents. 15 minutes later I realized I never made it to the vibrant hanging plants I originally came to see. 6 in all came home... let's see how many I can keep alive.
(the purple flowers in the background are the flowery plant I finally settled on)

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