April 4, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Friday

Oh Liz Lemon, how I wish I too could just throw my arms in the air and gleefully bolt out the front door towards the gloriousness that is the weekend.

I just found out I'm not working Saturday night and will have 2 whole days to rest. Granted there will be a little bit of house cleaning sandwiched in somewhere there but I plan on swimming, watching reruns of Downton Abbey on my iPad, going on at least 2 long walks with Oliver and lots and lots of sleeping. I also have to get a large frame so I can hang up my sweet sweet print from last week's Avett Brothers shows and a smaller frame for my set-list.

What do YOU have planned for this weekend?

For now I will continue to listen to the Avett Brothers, retouch class photos for printing and fight the urge to run.

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