March 4, 2014

Pursuit of Happy - Welcome Home

Back in December Alberto received a lovely little note letting him know that his landlord stopped paying rent back in 2011. Nothing screams "Happy Holidays" like a 90 day notice to get your stuff and get out. That said, the bank was kind enough to not collect rent for those 3 months.

The pressure was on to find the perfect apartment! Each of us had very specific requirements and requests but in the end we both caved on a few things and fell in love with a 3rd floor apartment in Coconut Creek. This is the first place that will be OUR apartment so I'm over the moon to make it our own.

Lauren and I ventured into Home Depot on Saturday and I demolished their paint sample section. Although there are some charmed pieces that I'm willing to keep (I actually sorta like the textured wallpaper in the kitchen), there are some areas of urgency that need to be addressed:
  • Paint: Ultimately I'd like to paint every inch of wall-space in that apartment but I may have to settle with just the living room for now. 
  • Fixtures: In an effort to save money, I'm thinking of spray painting them instead of replacing them all together. 
  • Hurricane Shutters: each apartment has a set stored on their patio and they are ugly as sin. I'm thinking of using 2 tall pieces of lattice and building a structure to hide it from the world. 
Here's just a few quick snaps from my iPhone - obviously better "before" photos will be needed :)

And of course the ceremonial 1st selfie in the apartment!

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