March 6, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Snail Mail from Cotton & Flax

As long as I could remember, I've loved checking the mail. There was always that moment right before you opened the box that you thought today is the day that I'll receive a letter or a postcard or a package or a love note. Alas, kids don't generally receive a ton of mail and I was limited to thumbing through my mom's Avon catalog. At some point during my pre-teens I started writing letters to my cousin that lives in PA after a family trip to visit. We were fairly consistent for awhile but it eventually fizzled out.

As an adult I still am obsessed with checking the mail. Even if it's a flyer for the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, a magazine from the USF Alumni Association or even a birthday card from my State Farm rep Richard... I'm always happy when a piece of mail comes addressed to me (notice I said nothing about bills).

So you can only image how quickly I jumped at the chance to exchange addresses and snail mail with Erin of Cotton & Flax. Erin is a superbly talented printed maker, textile worker and all around artist. I've been a fan of her work for years and have a small collection of prints and a full fledged, handmade beard from her days at I Made You a Beard. Obviously I was over the moon when my 1st postie arrived and it was one of her original screen printed postcards. This hot pink postie really brightened my mood and day.

When was the last time you sent a handwritten, personalized note? Break out your favorite pen (we all have a favorite pen) a few sheets of paper and get to writing... make someone feel special!

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