March 13, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: The Painters' Diaries

So last Sunday, this went down. Alberto and I braved the paint department of Home Depot, gathered up our supplies (ultimately 3 gallons of this and 1 gallon of this) and got our paint on.

I was excited going into this brand new adventure... that quickly faded. I was in charge of the painter's tape and making sure Alberto's tray was continuously filled. As for painting itself, although I did work on a few key walls in the dinning room and a bit of the lower 1/3 of the walls, Alberto covered the lion's share of the area. We still have a few touch ups but thankfully it's basically done. On Saturday (when I actually have decent light) I'll be sure to take some nice photos of the finished product.

Speaking of Saturday - who wants to help us come move this weekend? I'm offering soda, pizza and high fives! I WILL NOT order 1 pad thai and eat it in front of you like Tom Haverford.

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