March 18, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: My Patio View

When Alberto and I were finally able to start looking at apartments, this was the first place we looked at. Although it had some set-backs (it was another 3rd floor apartment) I immediately fell in love with the patio. It was an open, unscreened patio with 2 large trees providing partial shade and rails high enough that I wouldn't have to worry about my little jumper going overboard. After several hours and many more apartments, we settled on this 1 bedroom in Coconut Creek and my gorgeously green view.

When we first viewed the apartment, the trees hadn't yet filled in for the season. By the time our walk-through came around the trees were lush and swaying in the wind. It's now the perfect patio for my sun-shy plants and a comfy place to sit outside without getting a burn. Many years ago my momma bought me a little green Key West house wind chime. Up until this point the little home was restricted to the inside. Sunday morning I finally was able to hang it outside and listen to my chimes sing as they blew in the breeze. It's perfect.

This morning we had a nasty storm roll through and I couldn't help myself. I had to sit outside watching the dark clouds roll by and the rain gather on my railing.

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