March 12, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Happy Pup/Happy Pup Parent

I call Oliver my "Puppy Prozac". When I scoop up this little guy and hold him in my arms, I am instantly happy... all is right with the world. Having him fall asleep on my chest I forget about all the unknowns in my life and just relax. Obviously a pup like that deserves all the toys and treats his momma can get him. It was with that mindset that I started ordering him a monthly BarkBox.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription that provides a box of yummie goodies and toys for dogs. They make every effort to include items that are both high quality and healthy. I knew that whatever snacks arrived in his box were items I could feel comfortable feeding him. I also thought it was adorable that they made the boxes holiday specific when Halloween and Thanksgiving rolled around.

Unfortunately March will be my last month with BarkBox as Oliver is the pickiest of eaters. Although he has destroyed enjoyed all of the toys he's received, he's only ever eaten about 3 or 4 of the treats that have been mailed over the past 6 months. Almost everything has been distributed to the other pups in my life (Stumpy, Dino and Bokey).

That is... except for the Barkworthies Bullies. Oliver LOVES bullies. I held onto his February bully as long as I could but finally broke and let him devour his most favoritest of treats. Now that I've cancelled my BarkBox subscription, I know I'll have to start buying his bullies myself to keep this. I wonder if they sell Costco sized quantities?

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