March 27, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Cypress Creek Roundup

When my 29th birthday was quickly approaching, I had a thought... I wanted to hold my Birthday party at the weekly, Wednesday Cypress Creek Food Truck Roundup. It was a weekly Food Truck Rally that was organized and promoted by Brett Chiavari of BC Tacos. It was, to date, the longest running weekly food truck event in South Florida. It was where I had my first exposure to food trucks and where I had a chance to sample a variety of what South Florida mobil food had to offer. On my 29th birthday my friends and family, along with an assortment of strangers who were just showing up to grab some grub, packed the parking lot of Cypress Creek Road and Powerline and ate the night away.

Yesterday I received a somewhat frantic text from Lauren. Apparently BC Tacos had announced that that night would be the final Cypress Creek Roundup. Heartbroken and a little panicked I was afraid of what the cause might have been. Surely BC Tacos, my most favoritest of trucks, wasn't falling on hard times. Quick the contrary - apparently Brett has so much on his plate, trying to organize a weekly event had become a bit of a weight. He also assured me that BC Tacos would still be at their spot every Wednesday from 11-9... just like they've always been. If other trucks show up, great... if they don't, no worries.

I snapped a few photos, inhaled my 3 tacos (a Champ, a Missing Link and a Hunter), gave my friends a hug and left knowing that no matter what, BC would always claim that spot for their Cavemen and Cavewomen.

 (ps - didn't mean for this to be a tush shot - was aiming for the shirts)

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Laurendy said...

You totally meant it to be a tush shot. . .