March 10, 2014

Birthday Recap - Part 1 (Jaxson's)

The only thing worse than a Monday is the 1st Monday of Daylight Savings. Lucky for me I had a fun-filled birthday weekend celebration (yup - I stretched it out over 3 days) so it made getting up this morning a little bit easier. There were cupcakes, Avett Brother concert tickets, ice cream, juicing, a trip to Home Depot, a slightly elevated wardrobe, some thrifting and a ton more stuff in between. With all of that, I figured it best to work my way backwards and start with Sunday evening's girls' dinner at Jaxson's.

Having only ever had the ice cream at Jaxson's, I wasn't prepared for the giant food menu that was laid in front of me. A few of the girls suggested we split plates but since I was only having a hot dog and chili cheese fries, I didn't see the point. That is... until I SAW the hotdog and chili cheese fries. I had no idea how massively ginormous the portions are at Jaxson's. When everything was said and done, I ended up having to take home about 1/2 of this bad boy.
Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and I couldn't have been happier. These gatherings typically have a purpose but more often than not we use them as excuses just to hang out, catch up and see one another. Although 2 of my ladies were missing, it was nice to sit around and visit with everyone. 
I know what you're thinking... you're thinking, "Kelly, there's a photo of you at the top of the page holding a bountiful spoonful of ice cream! Where is the ice cream?" Well here it is! Because each of us was basically packed to the brim from our dinners, we opted for the "Jr. Sampler" - 3 large scoops of ice cream (butter pecan, oreo cookie and chocolate chip), 3 side cars of toppings (caramel, marshmallow and hot fudge), whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top. Someone my server missed the part where it was my birthday and no one came and sang - my girls' weren't having ANY of that. She sang so loudly that other tables joined it. All in all, it was a perfect wrap up to my bday weekend. 

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