February 3, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Superbowl Sunday

Since I had no dog in Sunday's Superbowl, I wasn't really looking forward to the big game. Tired but unable to take a much needed afternoon nap I packed up Oliver, a few toys, a blanket and my camera and headed over to Alberto's folk's house (I've dubbed it 'Casa de Sempertegui').

They have a gorgeous backyard - wide and open - that just begs for round after round of catch. Oliver's new football toy from Bark Box only seemed fitting all things considered. Although he always comes back, he has a hard time with the whole "drop it" part of catch... he's getting better though.

After Oliver was sufficiently exhausted I laid out my blanket and stared at the sky. The clouds were particularly fluffy and the setting sun made them pink as bubblegum. There are few things more relaxing to me than laying in the grass watching clouds pass and the light disappear. It was a perfect way to end my Sunday.

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