February 12, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Sculptures at Lynn University

This morning I was lucky enough to do a PR shoot at Lynn University. It being my 1st time on the campus, I was in awe! Not only did the property have loads of gorgeous landscaping (an obvious weakness of mine) but the land was scattered with all kinds of interesting sculptures. A few in particular stood out.

The above sculpture immediately caught my attention because of the similarities to this sculpture I saw at the Grounds for Sculptures in New Jersey. My suspicions were confirmed that they were created by the same artist - Seward Johnson. I was immediately transported to my trip to NJ/NYC - a time of relaxation and much cooler weather.

If you can't tell by the multiple photos, I am a HUGE fan of the sculpture below. Couldn't help myself but snap away at this shutterbug. I only wish I had taken a second to document the name and title of the piece. That said, I've already told Alberto that he and I have to take a trip back to the campus so we can explore and discover what other art they have on their grounds. Look forward to more Lynn photos in the future.

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