February 27, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Photo Love

Oh how I love my a-pizza - let the drooling commence! One of my oldest food clients is Nick's New Haven Style Pizzeria. My dear friend Sara Ritzler (of Ritzler PR) runs their PR and I've been lucky enough to shoot their foods as long as I an remember. There Boca Raton location has been so successful that they're opening a 2nd location in my back yard - Coral Springs. With this week's press release, my photos have been popping up everywhere! Although there haven't been any bylines, I'm just excited to see my images circling the local food outlets.

As a long time fan of Clean Plate Charlie, I was hysterical when I spotted my images on their page:

And then Sara let me know that another image was up on Zagat:

PS - their food is ridiculously amazing. Shooting for them means I've had a chance to sample a lot of the plates and dishes they offer and it's all been super yummy. That said, my end all-be all favorite item on the menu is the Risotto Balls. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

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