February 28, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: New Camera Backpack

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Kelly Moore Bags - so much so I thought she deserved a shout out when my camera gear survived my rollover unharmed. I'd fawned over her bags for months before gloriously winning a B-Hobo bag at The Map Workshop. I squealed with delight and could hardly focus on the workshop I was so excited. Over a year and a half later and this bag has served me so very well. It's traveled with me up and down the Florida coast and even went with me on my 30th birthday NYC extravaganza (intro theme music). Yet with each gig I find myself cramming more and more gear into my medium sized bag. I think the time has come for an upgrade... and upgrade in the form of a backpack.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a backpack for awhile. Unfortunately everything was so black and bulky and quit frankly kind of ugly! From camera stores to online shops and everything in between, I was having a hard time finding something that I would was not only useful but feminine as well. After several rounds of searching online, I've compiled a small list of backpacks worth considering.

The Chapel by Kelly Moore

Obviously I turned to Kelly first and foremost to fill my camera bag needs. Like all of her bags, the Chapel has maximized function and a high factor of adorability. Unfortunately it's a little small for the amount of gear I've found myself carrying lately. Let's be honest, if I'm buying a buy on the smaller end of the scale for day-to-day usage, it's going to be The Riva.

BROOKLYN Backpack by Epiphanie

LONDON Backpack by Epiphanie

Both of these bags would do a fine enough job. Although visually I prefer the Brooklyn, I think that the London would work better for my needs. That said, I look at them and can't help but think "yeah.... but they sorta ripped off my girl KM" and I simply can't get behind that. 

JILL·E Laptop Backpack

Then I finally stumbled upon this lovely little gem. I can't tell you how many dream like scenarios pop into my head with this bag on my back. It has enough space to cram all of my gear (and some of David's) yet doesn't sacrifice anything atheistically. The squared frame vs the traditionally slender and tall means that my 5'2 frame won't topple over. The cream color doesn't stand out as boldly as some of the other colored bags which means I can be a little incognito when I need to be. My only gripe about this bag is that I long for a side pocket for my cell phone. That said, I think this may end up being the bag for me. My birthday is right around the corner (1 week to be exact) and I think any birthday money will be going towards this lovely lady. 

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David White said...

I love seeing what people carry! Awesome idea. You are very organized ahha, My camera bag is usually a jumble because I have both digital and film and polaroids....its never good. That lens brush is awesome though! I have the same one :)

Combined Camera and Laptop Bag