February 6, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Aimless Hours on Etsy

Every once in awhile I like to take a look at my 'favorites' on Etsy and rediscover shops and items that I love (and would buy if I had endless amounts of money). Without realizing it, apparently hearts are a favorite of mine. Here is a sample of just a few of the heart items I <3 that I've discovered on my favorite place to aimless online shop for hours... Etsy!

1. Antique Camera Print by ParadaCreations
2. Caged Heart by HeartworksByLori
3. LOVE HEART necklace by dandelyne
4. Heart Shaped Sugar Cookie pin by TwinkieChan
5. heart entwined giclee print by GollyBard
6. Scarf silk in purple grey mood by klaradar
7. I Heart You Dog Collar by SillyBuddy
8. Earring Studs - Yellow Hearts by Dariami
9. Do What U Love What U Do Inspirational Print by kissandpunch (ps: BEST shop name EVER!)

And just because Valentine's Day is right around the corner, here's one more for good measure!

Languages of Love by jeallybeans


Dariami said...

You have really nice blog, thank you for putting here my yellow hearts!

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Daria, and you are more than welcome! The hearts are adorable and I'm sure I'll be buying a set soon enough.

Twinkie Chan! said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! :) <3

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

Oh Ms Twinkie Chan you are so very very welcome. The fact that you not only visited my blog but commented has made my day! Thank you for stopping by and the blog-love.