January 17, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: Golf Carts

It's amazing to think that a week or so ago there was nearly two feet of water covering these grounds. The monsoon in Boynton Beach actually shut down parts of I-95 and was plastered all over the local news (or so I heard - I don't have tv). Thankfully the rains subsided and the cold weather rolled into South Florida just in time for today's ProAm event at Pine Tree.

I know NOTHING about golf (I'm a baseball/college football kinna gal) but it was fun to watch everyone gush and glow over their favorites. What did I gush over? Well, for part of the day I had my very own GOLF CART! I was whipping around that course like I owned the place trying to keep up with my boss man. I had such a fun time speeding from hole to hole, the cold wind blowing in my face and my giggles silently muffled. For a moment (a very brief moment) I was enjoying myself so much I forgot I was actually working.

If anyone was curious what to get me for my birthday this year... I have an idea.

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