January 21, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: The Urban Farmer

I'm a bit of a creature of habits and routines. This means that every day, Monday - Friday, I take the exact same route. This means that week after week after week on Tuesday afternoons I'd drive right past the Downtown Oakland Park Farmers Market. Each time I'd make an excuse for why I needed to bolt home and continue zooming along Dixie Highway. A few Tuesday ago I needed to pick up some veg for that night's meal and finally make the stop - and I'm glad I did.

I bee lined to the first produce stand I saw and it just happen to be The Urban Farmer. As my Yelp review can attest, I can't gush enough about what a great group and program The Urban Farmer is. They are both knowledgable and passionate about their produce and where it comes from and that passion is addictive.

So far I've picked up (and flown through) 2 half shares and I couldn't be more elated with everything that's come in my bountiful bag of fruits and veggies. Prior to TUF I'd never even SEEN a watermelon radish, let alone pickled and eaten one. I now know that carrot tops are great tossed in salads of brewed as a tea. I've also mastered collard greens like I've been making 'em my whole life! I'm happy to say that I'm now cooking more homemade meals, flexing my culinary muscles and supporting local farmers and businesses.

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