January 27, 2014

Pursuit of Happy: JP's Chocolate Shoppe

When my friend Jason (skymongers) posted this photo of super yummy chocolates and it popped up on my instagram feed, I was hard pressed not to immediately hop in the car and drive to Wilton Manor and visit JP's Chocolate Shoppe. Since I was hanging out with Lauren last week I thought it a good enough excuse to head over and buy some tasty treats.

The owners JP and Barry were both very nice and eager to let me try a few of their chocolatey creations. I inhaled the dark chocolate with mango puree and then whipped out my camera because these sweets look as amazing as they taste. 

Unfortunately time was of the essence so only nabbed a few pieces (dark chocolate with mango pure, dark chocolate salted caramel and a slice of their coconut fudge) and was on my way. I'm already planning my next visit in so I can give each and every single piece of chocolate my undivided attention. 

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