January 10, 2014

Adios 2013

Like many, I use the end of December/beginning of January as a time of both reflection and change.

(caution - this post will be a little bit sappy but I promise that by the end it'll all work itself out. And although I will mix in some photos from this past year, this will be a VERY text heavy post)

For those of you who know me (or have been in the same vicinity for more than 2 minutes) know that I am a bubbly, happy person 99.7% of the time - that percentage has drastically decreased over the past several months.

Although we are ever changing and evolving, I have the urge to back peddle 12 months to the Kelly of December, 2012 (K'12). That Kelly, although saddened from loss, was electric with the enthusiasm for the new year. She saw 2013 has nothing but a year filled with possibilities. She was overflowing with optimism, determination and excitement for all the potential the following 365 days had.

By the time those 365 days wrapped up I not only had much different goals (like not working 2 weeks straight) and with me a dramatically different person.This new, post 2013 Kelly (K'13), is fairly void of any resemblance of K'12. The past 365 days have left her with an overall "Debbie Downer"ish outlook on things. For the first time in my life I found myself generally unhappy. I'm not a fan of K'13.

Now that I'm a few days into 2014 and the work "season" is taking a small break (from 1/25 it's back full force), I'm starting to feel more like myself. As I previously mentioned, this is a time for both reflection and change. So, with a bit of anxiety and reluctance, I'm once again trying to refocus my goals pull out the inner optimist that's been buried pretty deep.

I'm also trying to look at 2013 through a different set of eyes. Although by the end I was exhausted and at my breaking point, the year did have it's highlight moments. I'm trying to backtrack month by month and find each "moment that made the month". The obvious standouts are turning 30, my big trip to NYC and adopting my 4-legged love, Oliver... but there were also some not so obviously highlights. This year I explored the Florida Keys with Alberto, spent St. Patty's Day with Lauren at Rent Fest and traveled all the way to Jacksonville for a wedding (first time visiting the area).

In years past I'd compile a laundry list of goals for myself. These would range from short to long, small to big covering both my personal and professional life. This year, each of my goals will focus on one main theme - happiness. I want my happy back in a BIG way. Each goal I set will, in some form on fashion, be geared towards making me a happier person again. Don't get me wrong, it won't all be fun and games for me. Some of these goals will involving implementing updating a cleaning routine, revamping my eating habits and trying to introduce activity back into my life (wogging, here I come!). Ultimately I hope to end 2014 in a much better place that when I started.

So in this season of reflection and change, I hope that each of you can take a moment and be thankful for the good, learn from the bad and enter the new year with a foundation of optimism and hope.

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