January 22, 2013

Maternity: Shelby and Acker

Middle school was a time where you prayed that your desk neighbors were nice… especially the person that sat behind you. 5 words – spit balls in your hair. I was lucky enough to have Shelby sitting behind me in 1st period History and I really did luck out. She was nice and funny and made the perfect desk neighbor.
Fast forward too many years I'd care to admit to and little miss Shelby is now married to a wonderful man and expecting her first child, Baby Jordi. Shelby and Acker were a genuine pleasure to work with and I really did have an amazing time. Not only did Acker come prepared with jokes, funny faces and an acoustic guitar, he came with ideas too... and lucky for me they were all gems! I was laughing for a good 85% of the session but still managed to get some amazing shots of the two of them. 

I feel so fortunate that I get to work with some of the most amazing couples… and Shelby and Acker are no exception. Little baby Jordi is expected to make his/her (I'm thinking her) appearance in a matter of hours so I'm so thankful that we got this session in under the wire. I literally cannot wait to meet him/her! Best wishes to Mommy and Daddy to be!

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