August 11, 2012


Although I have about (checks calendar) 3 months of blogging to catch up on, for now I'm just going to tell you about my day.

For about 3 years in college I volunteered with the Tampa Bay Heart Gallery, an organization that matches local photographers with difficult to place children in the foster care system. What I mean by "hard to place" is children that may require special needs, siblings who want to remain together or older kids who are close to aging out of the system. After all the portraits have been taken, there was a touring exhibition of the prints, along with an audio recording of the child. It's a wonderful organization that directly impacts the lives of these kids as well as many others. I was an honor to be apart of TBHG and I honestly forgot how much I loved it!

I recently reconnected with a friends at the TBHG and instantly had to get in touch with my local chapter. I reached out to the Heart Gallery of Broward County and was lucky enough to call just at the right moment. Not only do they have a few group sessions schedule in the next month or so, but they needed help photographing a young girl named Carmel. She's a sweet 6 year old that hasn't been photographed in 4 years... I'd say it's time for her glamor shot! As I type this I'm packing my camera bag and getting ready to head to Plantation. I can't wait to meet with Carmel and hopefully make her feel like a movie star for a day.

As soon as I'm done in Plantation, it's back in the car driving north to Boca Raton. Recently I teamed up with the Tri County Humane Society to photograph some of their K9 residents. TCH has several long term dogs and I was more than happy to spend an afternoon playing with and photographing these pups in need. I was very please with how their final portraits turned out and TCH seems to have been as well - they asked me back to photograph a few more of their most recent rescues. Although it's a dirty job rolling around on the grass, playing with adorable little pooches... someone's gotta do it. ;)

I'll round out the day by seeing (who I can only imagine to be the most beautiful bride in the world) my friend Hannah get married. Although I'll be attending as a guest, I'm 99.9% certain I'll have my camera super glued to my face the entire night. Hopefully my mister can pry me away from photo duties long enough to get a dance or two in at the reception. Her save the dates (shot by the SUPER talented Bee Photographie) were simply adorable and really set the tone for an amazing wedding day! This will be one to remember (note to self, pack tissues)

Jammed packed day and I simply can't wait to get started!

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