April 26, 2012


I know, I know... You've heard this song and dance before. "Dear readers," (there are readers... right?) "Dear readers, I know I've been bad about updating, excuse excuse excuse, sorry sorry sorry". I won't give you an excuse, but I will say that I'm sorry.
Here I am, trying very hard to get back into the blogging mindset. So here is the proverbial "toe being dipped into the water" with a teaser from a recent maternity session.

I shot at one of my favorite locations (the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden) and had a blast! They're so in love with one another and it shows. He couldn't stop hugging her and she couldn't stop smiling. Their little mister is going to be born into a house filled with a lot of love.

"Now, that wasn't too bad now was it, Kelly?"
No, it wasn't... not at all! I promise to be back very soon and be better about posting for my readers (there are readers... right?)


Jamie Menard Platt said...

Yes you have readers!

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

Tee hee - thanks, Jamie! Love that "Platt" at the end of your name ;)

EllenMarie said...

You do have readers! Occasionally I make it on here and post something myself. Glad to see that I'm not the only one not in a blogging mindset!

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

LOL - thanks Ellen :) I've recently been dabbling in food photography so I've got a few new posts up my sleeve!