February 26, 2012

POTW - 02/19/2012

Several months ago I began working as a second shoot with a wonder wedding photographer, Gina of Photog Studios. Working with her, I've had the chance to shoot some absolutely amazing weddings and meet some wonderful brides, grooms and party goers.

Of all the image I shot that night (well over a 1,000) this was my favorite of the day... simply put, it's a beautiful bride with her best friends on the most important day of her life. They looked both relaxed and elated... the calm before the storm of emotions.

Every wedding I shoot I say to myself "this is the most fun wedding I've EVER worked" and last weekend's wedding at The Addison was no exception to this rule. Her maids were a both lovely and hysterical and his groomsmen worked the camera like none I've ever seen before. We danced the night away and I had a blast photographing all of it! At the end of the night I packed up my gear and thought "now THAT was the most fun wedding I've ever worked!"

... until next time.

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