February 18, 2012

POTW - 02/12/2012

I recently started working with VFA (Vertu Fine Art) as their event photographer. It's a local gallery that hasn't been opened for very long and I've already fallen head over heels in love with the space. Whenever I visit, I make a point of packing excessive amounts of napkins to wipe away my drool.

This past Thursday was the 1st of many opening receptions for the gallery - a solo exhibition for photographer Bobby Grossman. The show was a collection of his 1980's images from his time in New York City and was stunning. It made me miss a time when all I ever did (or ever wanted to do) was print B&W images in my college dark room. It also showed me how far I've come from that kind wearing her ex's ARMY hoodie so I wouldn't stain my own clothes with the processing chemicals.

I had an amazing time talking to artists, art enthusiasts and random people who wandered in for free booze and food. It was nice to be back in that element and even better to be supporting a gallery that I truly enjoy.

I can't wait for the next show and am looking forward to a long relationship with VFA. Here's to many more successful events at VFA!

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