January 13, 2012

What's for dinner?

Tonight I introduce Berto to my #1 favorite addiction - FOOD TRUCKS!

**update 1/14 4:58pm**
Berto's first food truck experience went amazing. He was physically drawn to The Rolling Stove and devoured their Dr. Pepper Braised Brisket sandwich. I finally tried Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burger truck's fish & carnitas tacos. They were yummy... but not as yummy as the authentic Mexican Fanta they had on hand. My sweet tooth was a-calling so I popped over to Sugar Yummy Mama for her coconut samba cake-pop. She ALWAYS runs out so it was destiny that she had one left just for little ol' me. In a moment of pure self control I decided to save my sought after treat for dessert the next day (tonight) because once those 3 bites of coconut goodness are gone... they're gone!

With my sweet tooth still needing satisfaction, Berto and I headed to Sugar Rush! We stood in line for 45 MINUTES... and it was worth it. Berto and I settled on almost the exact same milkshake: Nutella & homemade caramel. He went with a vanilla base while I opted for chocolate. They were oh so good and 1/2 way gone by the time we made it back to the car.

Another successful night with a great group of people - thanks for the yum-mories!

Sidenote: Some fast talking punk kid tried to cut us in line at Sugar Rush but the 16 year old girl in front of us put him on blast and got the cops involved. Thanks again for speaking up and letting him know that dishonesty is not welcome in the food truck circle!

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