January 10, 2012

Adventures in: Miami; An Hour Drive and a World Away!

For those of you who may not know, I live in the city of Boca Raton, Florida. I think I speak for most young Boca Raton residents when I say that there isn't much to do here. There are a few choice activities within the city limits: the mall, the movies, the book store and my #1 FAV, Gumbo Limbo. Unfortunately, most of the time it's outside Boca (and in a lot of cases, outside of Palm Beach County) where good times can be found.

Although my house is about an hour's drive north of Miami, very rarely do I get to visit there. The few times that I've gone have mainly been for shows (Radioboxer specifically) or sporting events... neither of which involve any site seeing.

There is, of course, always an exception to the rule. One Saturday Berto and I piled into the Yaris and headed South. We were on our way to an art festival when Berto got car sick. Long story short, we ended up at a Pollo Tropical and eventually wandered into the Design District... and HAD A BLAST. We never made it to the art festival but instead happened upon a different kind of exhibition all together. There was a man carrying around his pet rooster, an empty lot that was transformed into a swap meet, and this alleyway (that I later discovered is the local venue The Stage) showed me that it's sometimes fun to get lost in unfamiliar territory.

My #1 highlight of the day was our stop at Michael's Genuine to try the desserts I've heard SO much about on the Food Network Best Thing I Ever Ate. I have some future projects on the horizon that may result in me making some more trips south. I can't say that I'll mind.

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