December 19, 2011

Motivation Monday

I didn't get as much accomplished this weekend as I would have liked. I spent a good portion of Saturday glued to my computer chair but Sunday was fittingly my day of rest. It was reruns of How I Met Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy with a side of frozen pizza.

I'm happy to say that I am almost finished with my big project and can't wait to see my clients' reactions. TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT - this is my proclamation! I've got Earl Grey coursing through my veins and motivation pushing me forward. And if I'm feeling extra sassy, I might even try to work in a run once I'm finished (but don't hold your breath).

Moving on...

I'd like to introduce you to Baby Dylan. She is a mature 1 year old who is more little woman that baby girl. She's very observant with those beautiful blue eyes of hers and likes to explore all kinds of things. Her parents (local photographer Gina Sinberg and her husband Mitch Sinberg) held her party a local park in Boca Raton that was PERFECT for just such an occasion. Complete with a playground and carousal, the party was a huge hit.

I had such an amazing time watching Dylan destroy her very 1st birthday cake. She was a wee bit timid at first but that didn't last long. Once she realized that the sweet, sugary cake was yummy and all hers, she dove right in. Such a cutie pie.

I recently started working with Gina and find that spending time with Dylan is an adorable perk of the job. My next visit probably won't be until after the holidays (when wedding season is in full swing) and I can't wait to see how much she'll have grown by then. Looking forward to watching all kinds of other 1st.


Laurendy said...

love, love, loving that first picture! Her eyes just pull you in.

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

:) Gracias, that one is my favorite too! It's the perfect balance of beautiful eyes and icing.