October 2, 2011

POTW - 09/26/2011

As long as I’ve been taking photos, I’ve been crafting - knitting, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking, all art forms that I’ve attempted at one point or another (some more seriously than others). So it’s no surprise to me, or anyone that knows me, that I am a HUGE supporter of the local craft scene. Indie Craft Bazaar, Odd Duck, Art: Sunny Side Up, and Stitch Rock are just a few of the local events that I try to religiously attend, photograph and support.
Yesterday was Stitch Rock’s 5th birthday. The annual event crammed hoards of people into Delray Beach’s old gymnasium for all things craft. It never ceases to amaze me that each event has a mixture of the familiar and the new. In particular, I fell in love with a booth by Sew Lola, my only purchase of the day (besides a Mango popsicle from Feverish Ice Cream Truck).
Stitch Rock’s founder, Amanda Linton, has been one of the leading ladies in cultivating a strong and prosperous craft scene in South Florida. In addition to Stitch Rock, Linton also produces Art Rock (another annual craft fair) as well as Downtown Open Market (a monthly event held in Boca Raton). And when she’s not uniting rooms filled with crafty goodness, she’s running her cupcake business, House of Sweets (the Key Lime is to DIE FOR!).
It’s obvious the past 5 years have been a successful time for craft in South Florida. And as long as these groups of dedicated women keep organizing events and crafters keep stocking their booths with handmade and love laced items, I (and I suspect a solid population of South Florida) will keep showing up.


Lola said...

Stitch Rock was awesome! Thanks for the feature and for your sweet compliment. :)

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

Oh you are so very welcome! I simply adore my broach and wear it whenever possible.