September 25, 2011

POTW - 09/19/2011

Living in Boca Raton, I usually have to drive a little bit north (towards West Palm Beach) or a little bit south (towards Fort Lauderdale) in search of anything fun - especially in the category of "craft event". Thankfully, I have the a little gem known as the Downtown Open Market that situates itself in the heart of my fare city. It went on hiatus for the summer in an effort to prevent its patrons from succumbing to heat stroke but this weekend they were back in action.
I spent the majority of my time there shielding myself from the heat under Feverish Ice Cream Truck's* umbrella while noshing on a delicious blueberry lemonade ice pop and then thumbing through handmade postcards, yarn based jewelry and screen-printed bags by Darned Ideas. Unfortunately, the rain came quickly and without much warning, so my time at the Downtown Open Market was brief.
On the way out, I ran into this handsome little devil.

On a small grassy area sat 4 of the most adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I'd ever seen – and I wanted ALL OF THEM! The owner brought them out in an effort to sell them and it took everything I had not to completely fall in love. Even if I was smitten, charmer here is worth more than my camera and my bank account just can’t afford a luxury like that. Plus, Dino & Stumpy have a very strict “dachshunds and dachshund mixed breeds only” rule in our house.
*side note – Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Feverish Ice Cream Truck post with lovely photos and tasty treats.

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