September 18, 2011

POTW - 09/12/2011

I'm glue to my TV as I watch Modern Family & The Daily Show sweep all the statues. And in between acceptance speeches and TV clips, there's a small rumbling in my tummy that's begging me to take 2 seconds to run to the fridge.

Unfortunately, what my tummy is calling for is NOT in my fridge. Its craving is currently on a food truck somewhere in Miami (wait, let me check my new Food Truck Tracker App - yup... Miami). My tummy sings a siren's call for Ms. Cheezious. Who could blame it after the tasty Havarti & spiced apple sandwich I had yesterday at the Gourmet Truck Expo at Boca Center (presented by Sun Sentinel).

It was the first food truck event that I've attended in Boca and it was nice to have my new favorite past time in my own back yard. One of the perks of having it so close to home was that I could snag my favorite tasty treat on my way out and take it back to house to enjoy.

The heat must have gotten to me... I quartered up my sandwich and split it with my father and brother. I guess I'm converting the Coulson family, one grilled cheese sammy at a time.

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