September 4, 2011

Adventures in: Tampa; Going Home

They say “home is where the heart is.” Others feel that “home" is the house you grew up in. Personally, “home” is wherever my folks are (currently the same house in Boca for the past 12 years).
That said, I have a 2nd home… Tampa. After high school, I torpedoed myself across the state to USF in Tampa, Florida. I, like many others, was on the +PLAN (meaning it took me more than the traditional 4 years to graduate) and I loved it here so much that even after graduation, I stuck around for awhile longer. That is, until the lure of free room and board was too much to turn down. 7 years total I lived in Tampa.
The first 6 months of being home, I visited Tampa once a month - after that, a little less - and after that, less still. Almost 4 years now, I try to visit on special occasions. The birth of my best friend’s twin boys is obviously what one would call a “special occasion.” Combine that with her (along with her hubby and my niece Sophia) JUST moving back to Tampa from Savannah and I could have JOGGED here I was so excited. So I took advantage of the long 3 day, took Tuesday off and make the trek west.
On my trip I plan on watching a baseball game (go Orioles), visiting the newly remodeled Dali museum and eating some yummy food (Mr. Dunderbak’s, Taco Bus, etc). I want to catch up with old friends and get nostalgic for our college years. I hope to visit USF (go Bulls) and gawk at how much it’s changed/grown in such a short amount of time.
But no matter what I do, holding this sleeping baby in my arms will be the highlight of my trip. Meet Nick, one of the 2 new loves of my life.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!

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