July 9, 2011

You bring the sunshine, I'll bring the beach towel

Am I the only one that feels the extreme drag of a 4 day work week? Combine that with the fact that my slowly approaching weekend is jam packed with fun and that Friday 5:30 can take FOR-EV-ER! Thankfully Saturday morning has arrived and I can now enjoy all that she has to offer.

As I lay here in bed, I review what’s on the menu for the next two days. Originally I had planned to rise and shine with the early birds and head down to the beach. Unfortunately the rain outside thinks it’s better for me to stay in bed a bit longer.

To the list!

  • Today, pending the weather lets up, I would eventually like to make it down to the beach for an hour or two – with high level SPF of course.
  • After that, I’d like to pop over to Gumbo Limbo. Not just a tree, Gumbo Limbo is a nature center that also houses a conservation, research and rehabilitation center for sea turtles. Plus it happens to have my favorite board walk in all of South Florida. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend going (especially if you have little ones).
  • Later tonight I will be joining Alberto (my mister) while he practices parkour with some friends. Of course I’ll have my camera at the ready – and my fingers crossed.
  • At some point today, a nap is a must!

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I’ll be meeting up with a lovely family for a beach photo shoot. I’m visioning a very formal and elegant session but am secretly hoping that someone will end up in the water. I mean… come ON! Who can say ‘no’ to a Sunday morning surf?!

I hope everyone else’s weekend is just as jam packed will adventures and fun. I’ll be sure to snap lots of photos along the way and I trust you’ll do the same!

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