February 18, 2011

Low Crawl

To say that Baby Giuliana gave me a run for my money... whew, that's an understatement!

I met little Giuliana and her lovely mother, Felicia, at a tucked away Orchid park in Coral Springs. We’d recently had a cold snap but on this particular afternoon the sun and weather perfect. Lucky us because she looked simply adorable in her brand new denim dress and sandals.
A quick chit chat with mom revealed that Giuliana had recently started walking but still preferred to crawl. Let me tell you, that little lady was a move-rrrrrrr – and I had a blast! It was so much fun watching those turbo charged little sneakers push her all over that park as mommy and I did our best to keep up. She was exploring a whole new world and we were just along for the ride – and hopefully a few lovely portraits as well.

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