January 3, 2011

Hello 2011; Clean Slate

At the close of 2009, I made a bold proclamation that 2010 was going to be a great year. That's not the kind of statement one usually makes considering the economic state we were in. But I was confident and I was driven… and wouldn't you know it, 2010 was an all around great year.

So, as I said goodbye to 2010 and wipe my proverbial slate clean for 2011, I made another bold proclamation… 2011 is going to AMAZING!

In an effort to not bore you with too many details, let's just say that I've made a very extensive goal list for this year; the majority of those goals revolve around the growth of Kelly Coulson Photography. I have big plans and am already getting started!

I have a few projects that I've already completed (and am excited to share with you) and a few more potential projects in the pipeline. I'm elated at the prospect of getting to know new couples, families, musicians and all around good people and helping them capture their memories. All this adds up to increased activity on my facebook, flickr and (very soon) my website!

Since it's been awhile, I wanted to close this post with a photo I took at the Maier/Bishop wedding at the tail end of 2010. Happy New Year and enjoy!

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